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Van Lieshout Elektra


We are a family business that has been active in this market for more than 60 years. The advantage of 60 years is a huge stock of materials, a huge amount of experience and a very good name in the  European market.  


Van Lieshout Elektra specializes in the rental and delivery of demountable electrical installations.  


Our expertise is enormous! Our installations have already been deployed in a (temporary) sports hall, storage hall, showroom, restaurant, press centers and crisis shelter. But also for connecting temporary kitchens and subdividing the electricity at well-known fairs such as the Hiswa te Water. Be amazed by the possibilities.


Latest projects

Referentie VLE

Sporthal Schoonhoven

Hiswa te water

Hiswa te water

Collegezaal Aken

Collegezaal Aken

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